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OLP48 Constant Current LED Series

Simplicity, Efficiency, Reliability, and Easy to Install

Astrodyne TDI’s LED lighting drivers are designed to provide complete, outdoor/indoor, installation-ready DC power for any LED lighting application.


One of the most attractive and important benefits of LED lighting technology is its energy efficiency. However, to maximize LED lighting system efficiency and reliability, the power source – the lifeblood of the LED – must be equally energy efficient. Our LED power supply series are designed with the latest in switched-mode technology, maximizing both efficiency and reliability. Finally, our PLN series devices are limited power sources which use the latest PFC topology, delivering efficiencies up to 86%.

Astrodyne TDI LED drivers include universal AC input of 120/240VAC. They feature built-in constant current operation with adjustable overcurrent and output voltage settings. Additional features include short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overtemperature protection and an operating temperature range of -30 to +50°C. They also meet NEMA 3/IP65 design specifications for indoor or outdoor installations as well as Class 2 UL/CUL, FCC and CE/EMC requirements and class C Harmonic levels for the lighting industry.

Typical indoor/outdoor applications include LED signage, channel, backlighting, decorative and architectural and border lighting. Other applications include stage and theater, orientation/pathway, video/data display lighting, small scale moving signs and commercial electronic LED displays. Mechanical advantages include a light and compact dust and moisture resistant IP64 enclosure which is easily installed or removed without requiring an additional J-box enclosure, and a low cost, simple expansion to higher power levels for large LED lighting systems.

  • Wiring Compartment, 1/2″ Conduit and Fittings for Easy Installation
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Nema 3 (or IP65), UL1310/48 Class 2 Power LTD for Wet, Outdoor Locations
  • Constant Current Control
  • Wide Range Voltage Adjustment
  • Output Power Range of 30 Watts to 120 Watts


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